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2017 Lake Nacimiento Fishing Report and Fishing Map and Local Hunting Clubs and Private fishing

2017 Lake Nacimiento Fishing Report and Fishing Map,Local Fishing and Hunting Clubs, and Private Hunting Ranches

2016 Lake Nacimiento white bass when spawning including fishing report and fishing map, how to fish lake nacimiento
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At  Lake Nacimiento, white bass fishing can hit just about anything especially when up in the spawning grounds, called The Narrows.  There must be both  sufficient inflow and correct water temperatures for spawning, this dry year will thus present some challenges.  White bass will move back out into the Lake if a storm front comes through.
The locals catch  40-fish stringers during the spawn.  While some whites do spawn in the  other tributaries to the lake, they concentrate in the main part  of the Nacimiento.  As our fishing map shows, action is centered at the Narrows even more in a dry year  like this one. Try and motor as far into the Narrows tie up there and hike even further .
According to our fishing report, after the spawn, the plan is to fish when whites  are on a feeding frenzy for shad. Look for schools of  hungry whites  on the surface, so that shad create a roil of water. There are  several spots where whites like to school, such as across the lake from Oak Shores. The western  shoreline of Snake, and right at the mouth of Las Tablas Creek. 
White bass won’t start spawning until the water reaches 60 degrees. Males move into  the spawning grounds first, and then the fatter females follow.  During and after the spawn that  anglers see the absolute best white bass fishing of the year. 
Using  2-pound test is one of the  best ways to catch fish on  this lake with a micro-jig in usually white or yellow.  However,  any small minnow-type lures are best during the spawn, or shad minnows you get from the lake. Anything white, silver, yellow or chartreuse jig, plastic worm, spoon, spinnerbait  or  plug  to include crappie jigs, Bullet Jigs, skirted Micr-jigs, small silver or gold Mepps spinners, white  and yellow Rooster Tails, Shad-pattem Shad Raps, and Critter  Getters . Hair Raisers also work well  especially in white.
Probably the best bait for whites is those live shad they are busy pursuing. If you see a boil, try to dip a few shad to use for  bait.
If you can't find any  surface action, troll the areas listed above with small Sassy Shads, Silver  Buddies, Kastmasters or similar spoons. Troll very slowly  and during the winter months, troll with lead core line to get baits down when  the whites are. When the shad are deep,  the white bass are under them,  anglers manage to catch them, using down riggers, Pink Ladies, deep-diving planes or lead-core line, and  working at 40 to 45 feet. According to our fishing report, the majority of the catch is the top 10 feet of water, however. 
The main spawn, or biggest part of the spawn, is  always in the main part of the river, although white bass  will spawn in any of the feeder streams because  white bass are like salmon,  return to the  stream they are spawned in.
Without  much rainfall this year, the other feeder streams can dry up .The important thing to consider is that the white bass maintain over the shad schools, and are moving  continually.
There are times during the summer when you can  watch them on the surface, feeding periods can last as  long as 45 minutes but periods in between the feeding  frenzies can last several hours
If the conditions become right for  spawning, it may  last clear through mid-April,  but there times it it can be over in two weeks.
Water temperatures in the high 50s are necessary, as well as a good amount of incoming water and they also want fairly clear water.
Fly Fishing  using  a fly tied with white yarn, a couple  little silver beads for eyes, and  intertwined in the white body, a thin  piece of silver tinsel, that may also  have a little marabou off the back.
Fly fish in the upper reaches of the  Narrows, but  some also fish the surface of the lake  during the early summer months.  

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